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Mahanarayan Oil | Ayurvedic Massage Oil | For Joint and Muscular Pain

Mahanarayan Oil | Ayurvedic Massage Oil | For Joint and Muscular Pain

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Product Information

Mahanarayan Tail is a widely acclaimed massage oil renowned for its remarkable effect in pain management. This unique blend of Ayurvedic herbs is specifically designed to alleviate various forms of pain, including those stemming from sprained, twisted, and strained muscles and ligaments. It is equally valuable for addressing stiffness, restricted movement, and distortions, promoting the restoration of normal joint and muscle function. With the addition of saffron, this oil offers a pleasant massage experience and easy absorption.


Mahanarayan Tail is meticulously manufactured using a selection of specialty herbs as mentioned in authentic ancient Ayurvedic texts. These include Dashamula, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Bala, Punarnava, Manjishtha, Brahmi, Tulasi, Guduchi, Musta, Sariva, Shunthi, and more.


  • A powerful pain alleviator, addressing discomfort at its very root.
  • Remarkably effective in reducing edema and swelling.
  • An ally for your muscles and joints, promoting their health and agility.
  • Provides relief from strains, sprains, and injuries caused by joint twists.
  • Addresses stiffness in various body parts, restoring flexibility.
  • Fortifies the skin, muscles, and bones, lending them strength and vitality.


Take required amount of oil and apply on the sored or pained body part twice a day and follow it with dry fomentation twice a day or as directed by the physician



There are no known contraindications for the external application of Mahanarayan Tail. In cases where massage is challenging, it is advisable to seek guidance from a healthcare professional.

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